Les Schwab

The Rock

This was a 30 second spot produced by Digital Kitchen for Les Schwab, title "The Rock." My role was sharing design and 2D animation responsibilities.

Creative Directors: Aaron Becker & Anthony Vitagliano Photographer: Jeremy Stuart
2D/3D/Design/Animation: Jeremy Stuart, Jason Esser, Amador Valenzuela, Eve Weinberg, Lindsey Mayer-Beug, Peter Kallstrom, Aaron Kemnitzer, Daanish Syed, Catherine Satrun
Additional Design: Brad Backofen, Chris Green, Michael Cone, Matt Darnall, Louis Sica, Ryan Sneddon, Marcin Zeglinski, Ashley Bedore
Editor: Mike Alfini
Executive Producer: Kent Smith
Producer: Brian Behling
Coordinator: Jackie Graham